Stirlingshire Voluntary Enterprise (SVE)

During Volunteers’ Week 2023, Stirlingshire Voluntary Enterprise (SVE) and partners launched Stirling’s Volunteering Action Plan.

Last year partners in Stirling came together to develop a local response to Volunteering for All Action Plan, one of the first local authority areas to do so. The city’s exceptional volunteers and vibrant volunteering culture is well known and supported by the volunteering strategy and brand, Stirling’s Alive with Volunteering. While volunteering in Stirling is already thriving, their shared goal is to expand these opportunities and ensure that every citizen can benefit from volunteering. Increasing the number of volunteers and promoting inclusivity will play a significant role in addressing poverty and inequality in Stirling and contribute to the Local Outcome Improvement Plan.

A steering group of partners from the third, public and private sector developed the plan using their collective knowledge of the opportunities and challenges affecting volunteering in Stirling, and local and national data on what needs to change. They identified immediate “quick wins” for organisations, as well as medium and long-term actions that require further development and funding. All of the actions align with the five national outcomes in Volunteering for All. Moving forward they would like every volunteering involving organisation in Stirling to take ownership of the plan and think how the medium and long-term actions can be implemented and funded collaboratively.