Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland

At CHSS we are committed to embedding the Volunteering Action Plan (VAP) throughout the organisation.

The Volunteering team have driven this forward in a number of ways including a) demonstrating our commitment and support for VAP both internally and externally b) raising awareness and understanding of VAP with colleagues and volunteers c) ensuring key groups and stakeholders understand how VAP applies to them and their responsibilities in implementing it d) aligning the actions outlined within VAP with our volunteering operational plans and strategy.

a) Commitment & support

The Volunteering team attended the launch of the VAP  at the Gathering and pledged our support for the plan across our social media and internal comms channels, including our volunteer newsletter.

b) Awareness & understanding

Since its launch, the VAP has been shared with colleagues and volunteers across CHSS, emphasising what it means to them. This has included our Directors Group, Leadership Group, Volunteering Strategy Group (comprised of colleagues and volunteers from every directorate at CHSS) and our People Development Group (a sub group of the Board). We have also shared the VAP in full with 150 volunteer line managers across the organisation.

c) Responsibilities for VAP

As part of a wider workshop each member of the Volunteering team considered how their role supports the delivery of the VAP and committed to driving forward the actions within the plan. For example, Ruth Zokas, our engagement lead, sits on the VAP Promotions group.

At CHSS we also have in place a volunteering induction for all colleagues, and more in-depth training interventions for our volunteer line managers. The Volunteering team is currently reviewing our learning and development offer and ensuring the VAP – and how it is relevant to roles across the organisation – is embedded throughout.

d) Alignment with operational plans and strategy

The Volunteering team have ensured that our operational plans for 23/24 are aligned with the priorities and asks outlined in VAP. We are also in the process of developing our next volunteering strategy that will outline a longer term commitment and alignment with VAP.