Policy Champions Network

About the Policy Champions Network

The Policy Champions Network was established in 2023 to increase the visibility and presence of volunteering in local and national policy across all relevant sectors.

The remit of the Policy Champions Network is to:

  • Influence policy teams across the Scottish Government and wider public sector
  • Use collective experience to identify policy priorities and inform policy content
  • Contribute to the policy output of organisations with dedicated policy capacity and volunteering remit
  • Map and monitor policy and influence work related to volunteering
  • Ensure accountability of infrastructure bodies and Third Sector Unit around policy ambitions

The network is open to a wide range of individuals/organisations with an interest in receiving relevant policy updates and informing how policy related to volunteering is developed. The network will be organised according to various policy themes and members will be invited to share their experiences to inform our collective influence. Members of the network are also encouraged to use the outputs of the Policy Champions Network to inform their own policy influence.

A smaller Stewardship Group will also be established comprised of members of the wider network. Individual ‘stewards’, representing a specific thematic or stakeholder group, will seek feedback from wider sections of the Policy Champions Network to inform the identification of policy priorities and key shared messaging. These priorities and messages will then be shared back to the wider Policy Champions Network for the purpose pf influencing policy. Volunteer Scotland will provide support to the network with administration, coordination and communication.

For more information about the Policy Champions Network, contact Volunteer Scotland’s Policy Officer, Sarah Latto, on sarah.latto@volunteerscotland.org.uk

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